Turquoise Theme Home Interior Design

Turquoise Theme Home Interior Design

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Colors are an important aspect of your interior design plan and you should use it fully. Today we show you some rooms which is based upon the color turquoise which means clarity of thought and gives peace of mind. These pictures will give you idea how you can use it at your home.

turquoise bedroom theme

Bring that tropical beach feel to your bedroom with this color theme, the faith and truth between you and your partner becomes strong in this open water and sky theme.

turquoise in living room
turquoise theme living room

Turquoise in living room is a great idea. Start of with painting the walls with deep shade of turquoise and other decoratives in light shade. Select the furniture covers in the same tone, look at the sofa isn’t it good? Expand your thought and give this touch where ever you can, wallpapers, lamp shades, curtains etc. Just mix the light and dark shades to contrast each other.

turquoise theme kitchen

Turquoise in kitchens is a wise decision because it makes your kitchen look spacious and you can cook freely with a calm mind.

turquoise bathroom theme

Why should the bathroom remain untouched, we all take a good time there after all day work. Mix white and light turquoise in the bathroom to bring the harmony with rest of the house. The bathroom vanity can have this color while rest of the area is white, again a small area can be covered with turquoise tiles between the white tiles. These are just some ideas, you can build your own decor with these tips, just play with colors!

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