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christmas décor

kivi candle holders

Christmas is a festival of lights as well as colors, and today I found some amazing candle holders from Iittala which will add a mocktail of colors to the flames. These kivi candle holders by Heikki Orvola are made with appropriate thickness and available in wide range of colors. The glass will reflect the lights and if you just place an assortment of some of these candle holders I will assure you that it will be a superb effect that everyone will be gazing at. The range of colors they are giving is just awesome, pick your favourite ones as I am am doing the same.

red fireplace

Likewise if you are thinking to give your traditional fireplace a break, and want to try colorful effect here too. You can get mini portable fire arrangement which also comes with colored glass but with limited colors. Look at these pictures and get a hand if you like them. Stay tuned for more Christmas Special editions.

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Christmas is nearing and we are all out for shopping for the big day. To make your task a little exciting and fun from today onward we are going to give you shopping guides and tips for Christmas decoration. We will find exciting stuffs all over the net which will be useful for your the Big Day decoration. Keep a close watch to the Christmas Special editions.

To start off, I am very eager to share with you some amazing pendant lights and table lamp from Tom Dixon.

copper shade pendant lamp

reflective copper lights

The copper shade, this is made exploding a pure copper coating on a poly-carbonate globe. This will give a metallic shine and have an amazing effect with any light inside. You can use multiple copper shades at different heights each one will reflect each others light.

etch christmas lighting

etch christmas candle holders

Then you have the etch lights and etch candle holders. The etch shade is made using digitally etched brass sheets with implementation of pure mathematics. The intricate shadow effect that it creates in the surrounding when lit is just awesome. Available as pendant lamp and candle holder version, both will create an amazing lighting effect.

refracting christmas table lamp

punch table lamp

Now when it comes to the dining table, here you have the punch table light from them. This light is made using stainless steel fins, which are arranged in such a way to refract as much light required to lit up your dining space with glory.

Now, these are the options available from this brand. Stay tuned as we come up with more stuffs to buy.

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This is another economical idea in the series of our christmas decorating tips. In our busy schedule we get less time for decorating our house for the holidays, and we need to do them quick and easily. If you want to decorate your table for that special christmas day dinner, then this is an easy way to do it. Take some wine glasses, and some twigs with small fruit in them. Put the twig in the glass and invert it as shown in the picture. Get a small colorful candle and place it on the base of the glass. Place them in a group of two or three with different color candles all around the table. Just look at the magical beauty it imparts to that special dining with your near ones.

dining table decoration for christmas

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Christmas is around the corner again and it comes around so soon after thanksgiving it sometimes seems; especially if your pocket is yet to recover from spending for the Thanksgiving celebrations. To help you decorate your tree this Christmas in a cheap but chic fashion, just go out there and buy a roll or two of wire re-enforced ribbons. This is the type of ribbon that is usually put on wreaths. Cut the roll of ribbon into strips of ribbon about two feet in length each. Cut as many as you’d like and tie these strips into bows now put some safety pins at the back of each bow and use these pins to place these bows all over your tree.

Gold colored ribbons add a touch of class to your tree. In addition to these bows, get out your can of gold spray paint and paint your popcorn strings gold before using to decorate your tree. An additional benefit you’ll get from spraying your popcorn gold is that it becomes unattractive for ants and will save you from insect trouble. If you have young children you have to be careful to warn them not to eat the spray painted popcorn. You also have to spray paint your popcorn strings outside the house. When you combine the gold colored ribbons with the gold colored popcorn just stand back and watch your Christmas tree glow with a golden warmth. You can still add to the effect by adding your old lights and you’ll have a brand new tree in your home.

gold ribbon bows for christmas
golden christmas tree design

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So you want to decorate your home this Christmas and your creativity is willing but your budget is weak. Here is a fun way decorate your home on a budget. You’ll need lots of glitter, craft jewels and spray paint. Here are a few ideas you can try out in your home.

If you have an artificial tree that’s seen better days, you could revive it by spraying it with gold paint. Take the tree outside first before you do this; making sure it’s not close to any food or water sources. The next step is for you simply spray your green tree gold. If you want to make it even shinier, sprinkle gold glitter on the tree before the gold paint fully dries and let the glitter dry alongside the gold paint.

You could also do your tree up in silver paint same as the gold. Remember to also spray the foot of the tree.

After you spray your tree, next give old plain Christmas decoration balls a new lease on life by also re spraying them gold or silver.

Another Christmas decoration you can make your self is to use the packing material used to secure your electronics when you bought them. Remember the hard white material that came with either your CD player, Fridge e.t.c (you did keep the packaging material). Cut this packing material into cubes, wrap with shiny paper the way you would wrap a gift and tie with ribbons. Make sure the ribbon has a little extension on the top with which you hang each miniature gift on the tree.

silver painting christmas treegold painted christmas tree
christmas gift box hanging
budget christmas tree decoration

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This Christmas as you go caroling and spreading holiday cheer bring some of that Christmas carol magic into your home. All you need is to get star shaped stickers of different sizes and pepper your wall with them. These stars should be either gold or silver colored. Now you can go for gold all through, silver all through or mix the colors. In addition to the regular shaped stars add one or two nativity stars to the mix. A nativity star shape is that star that shows the wise men the way to the manger where baby Jesus was born remember? This star is usually larger with two longer pointy tips at the top and the bottom. All you need is one star or maximum two.

Stick these stars all over the walls this Christmas and when you hang your Christmas lights watch your living area come to life before your eyes. To complete the effect, play some mellow music and watch warmth flood your home. This effect is a mood booster considering the depression levels are at the highest during the holiday season. If you put off the living room lights and leave only twinkling Christmas lights, the effect is celestial.

A word of caution; you need to be careful in your choice of adhesive so you don’t destroy your permanent wall décor for a seasonal look. Instead of glue, you could use sticky tack or sticky tape to adhere the stars to your wall.

christmas star gallery

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Do you remember the story of beauty and the beast? It was the beast’s rose garden that captivated Belle’s father and made him pluck a perfect white rose for his daughter. Recreate that garden magic and combine with Christmas décor this year. Instead of the usually shiny baubles, or popcorn hanging from your tree this Christmas, replace them with roses.

This year, go for pure magic and decorate your tree with perfect roses. Choose one color and decorate your tree with them. If you choose white roses or red roses, go with only one color and don’t mix. The effect of this is pure magic and you may add traditional Christmas lights to your tree if cannot do without. If you do decide to add lights, go for rice lights. As the name implies, rice lights have very small bulbs in the shape of rice and not much bigger than a grain of rice. This will add subtle magic to the tree as the lights twinkle gently and will not overwhelm the roses.

This decoration is perfect in any setting from the traditional to contemporary. Artificial roses are best for convenience and cost, but if you can afford it, and of course if your tree is also natural then you may decide to go for natural roses.

rose in christmas tree
christmas roses

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DIY and dare to be different this Christmas and decorate your home with unique pieces made with diffraction foil. Diffraction foil is a thin silvery plastic sheet that has fine grooves cut into it. This foil has little grooves cut into it in different patterns. These grooves break up reflected light much the same way a prism does that means when it reflects back white light, the reflection comes back as rainbows. This foil can be cut and used in various ways this Christmas; you can cut out an angel or a star that you can place on your tree for a different effect.

diffraction foil for christmas

Anybody can go out to the store to buy these decorations, but this will give a different look to your tree. In the spirit of Christmas, you could also cut out your very own guardian angel to watch over your home. Simply cut out diffraction foil in the shape of an angel, the bigger the better; look for a spot in your home that catches light and either stick it to the wall with a glue that will come off easily without damaging your wall paper or paint. If you have a tree near a fireplace, then this angel will be just lovely mounted next to the tree to catch and reflect back the soft flicker of the flames. Please make sure this is not too close to the fire for safety reasons.

cheap christmas decorations

Diffraction foil can be used to cover gift boxes but this is recommended more for effect than anything else. This will be a chic although more expensive wrapper than the traditional wrapping papers. Imagine a tree with all gifts wrapped in diffraction foil. This image is really more appropriate for an office party, or a display setting because while the diffraction foil looks attractive, when it is used to cover gifts, it can look a little cold and impersonal and it will not suit a room with traditional or homely décor. It is a more modern chic with a contemporary feel. It is also an inexpensive way to “bling” your tree especially if your tree is silver or white in color; a gold tree works as well but not as well.

personalized christmas decorations

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There are many options, the best you can find out are these! Let’s check few:-

    1. Stiletto supernatural: get that exotic frantic look right on your table with an awesome glass stiletto tugged in with a flower of appropriate size. And just let the breeze heal the environment with fantasy.

    2. Get set go: fix up a chalice of cranberries with a bow on it. It simply decors the soul of house easily and frantically.

    3. Candle on sand:
    shine the lit brightly colored candles (hmm.. 10) on the sand kept beautifully in a glass bowl.

    4. Tabletop trees:
    craft or buy the beautiful trees that can give you a bright oxy-effect. You can try that cute Christmas tree to start with, this Christmas.

    5. Domes:
    try easy fantastic domes to represent snow domes on the center table. It gives a full attentive look to your room.

    6. Glittering stars: use sparkling baubles straight from Christmas market roads to your table top filled in a glass bowl.

    7. Bloom with candle: use a plate to place the candles may be white and use a twig and add a flower (must be red) in between and just lit them.

    8. Village of snowy dreams:
    just place a village scene with snow around and decorate it with glitters and lit candles around, will give a attention-grabbing look to the table you own so priceless.

    9. Lit that old hurricane: get an old age look back into the season by flaming the hurricane and placing it amidst the bloomed flowers.

    10. Choose tulip and taper:
    tulip sound flabbergasting when placed with taper around to enhance its beauty. Imagine the creamy layer of tulip with striking tapers around! Ahh, it just fills up the need to make the table look complete.

christmas-centerpiece1 christmas-centerpiece2

christmas-centerpiece3 christmas-centerpiece4

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Decorating your house for this Christmas adds added attraction for your Christmas preparations to celebrate the occasion. Outdoor Christmas décor includes decorating a Christmas tree with colorful lighting which needs a lot of creativity. Yard decoration, besides pre-lit topiary and nativity sets, is important while you opt for decorating your house.

Here are few Christmas décor ideas:

Choose a different theme for each and every room. Take the views of your children into consideration if you are decorating kids’ room. The decoration of the hall needs to be grand as all the guests are invited and assembled in that room. Choose the colors of bells and balloons selectively according to the theme. Go for a mild decoration for interiors and bed rooms.

Highlight your collections by placing them proper in your home. Rely on simple decoration methods, which produce maximum results. Start decoration in such a way that even if changes are needed, they could be done instantly. Avoid major renovations as they cost too much and destroy the whole atmosphere besides being time consuming.

Prepare according to the theme of the party. Involve the participation of your children more. Think of creative ideas that are simple in implementing such as decorating children’s room with lot of toys and colorful accessories. Opt for nightlight if you can afford.

Keep a small tree at a corner of the kitchen space, adorned with small kitchen items found in a toy store. Make sure that are not in direct contact with children. Ensure safety while deciding on decorating for kitchen items. Place items according to their usage and requirements. Have your wardrobe with latest Christmas collections so that they are handy at the time of the occasion.

Lastly, never try too hard on the color combinations. Try to present a natural look so that it appears pleasant on an overall.

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