Wool Chair & Knit Stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien

Wool Chair & Knit Stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien

british wool chair

Have you ever thought of this that, knitted items and woolen items can be used in such a fashion for furniture upholstery? If you haven’t thought about this, then let me show you two interesting designs. The first one is the British wool chair which is a steel chair with knitted woolen upholstery, I find this chair very good for the winter season for a warm and cozy sit. And the most latest design from Claire-Anne O’Brien is the Knit Stool which has knitted lamb’s wool and sheep’s wool as the cushions with various textures. The different 3D patterns of the cushions make each stool very unique and playful. Have a look at them as I feel pleasure to share it with all of you.

knitted stool

knitted wool stool cushion

white cushion stools


  1. Absolutely great idea, I have never seen anything like this but it’s really such a simple idea

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