Modern Tabletop Fireplace from Ameico

tabletop fireplace

When it comes to a fireplace, I have seen that it’s missing in many modern day home decor. I feel sorry for this because it is a very elegant thing to have in our house, but the space and maintenance problem drives us away from it. But now here is a solution, a mobile tabletop fireplace which is very sleek and easy to operate used with bio-fuel so that you have a clean and smooth flame. This tabletop fireplace is made with stainless steel and flame is guarded by two tempered glass plates which makes it very elegant. It rests on a wooden base and can be used as your table centerpiece, or can be placed on your living room table. The flame can be adjusted using the sliding doors on the burning unit, these doors can be operated using the knobs. So, bring this charm to your home and enjoy it’s warmth with family and friends. It is priced at $1,800.

portable fireplace

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