Beds with Storage: A Solution for Small Bedrooms

Beds with Storage: A Solution for Small Bedrooms

Some people enjoy a spacious boudoir in which they can store their everyday items, while others struggle with the limited space they have in their smaller bedrooms and cram their belongings in wherever they can. However, with some clever storage ideas, even the smallest of bedrooms can work for you. Beds with Storage are great for this and key to getting the most out of the room. TV and Ottoman beds are two of the most popular types of storage bed, both of which boast style and functionality.

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A TV bed stores your television in the base, at the foot of the bed and is activated when you need to use it. At the touch of a button, the TV rises from the base, and can be lowered back down when not in use. This saves space where you would ordinarily require a separate TV cabinet.

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Alternatively, an Ottoman bed offers four times the storage space of a divan bed, but is only the size of an ordinary bed. Items can be stored within the base and accessed via an easy-to-use lift up mechanism.

These beds come in a range of styles and prices, meaning you no longer have to compromise quality design for extra storage space.

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